A New Era of Home-Working Post-Covid

August, 2020

Although it might be too soon to call the current climate a ‘post-COVID’ one this is definitely the direction in which most businesses are now currently facing. Bar a second lockdown, the return to work is likely to continue with employers increasingly encouraging employees to come back to the office. While some organisations have announced that working from home is a permanent option for all employees on an ongoing basis, recent research identified that just 3% of employers predict their business will have a fully remote workforce in six months time. Instead, more than half forecast a hybrid of remote and office work heralding a new era of more agile business models and greater home working.


Your home is your castle (and now your office too)

Having a study at home hasn’t been a priority in previous decades as the office has been where most people have carried out their working day. However, COVID has changed this, opening up the possibilities in terms of what remote working can offer to both businesses and employees. This has meant that attitudes have shifted – only 22% of employees would like to be working totally in the workplace in six months time – and the likelihood is that home working is here to stay. This has placed a renewed importance on the spaces that we have at home, especially those that can create a positive environment for getting work done. Properties with study space offer:

Somewhere to retreat from the noise and bustle of a busy house and collect your thoughts

A place to plan and be proactive and generally get things done

A room in which you can shut the door and get down to work, take conference calls and ensure you maintain a professional image


From a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘need to have’ 

The home office used to be a nice little extra that might be used as a spare bedroom occasionally or somewhere to store all those extra suitcases. However, during the COVID lockdown it suddenly became a necessity. And as the new era of home working starts to evolve before us those who are looking to take advantage of the benefits that this can offer are going to need this kind of space. 58% of people would like to have a working life that is made up of a combination of office and home working and the reality of that will be that home office space becomes a necessity rather than just a nice to have. It could also be something that becomes crucial where it’s employers making the decisions instead – 30% of employers plan to reduce their current office space which could suddenly make a home office crucial for large numbers of affected employees.

COVID-19 has been a huge challenge for the economy, the workplace and for individuals all over the country. It has also created opportunities, many of which stem from a new more agile way of working and which can be optimised by those who have the work space at home to embrace the new era of home working.

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